Eric Cline
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I expedite change and positive momentum in peoples lives. I help them overcome obstacles, take action, and go for what they truly want – personally and professionally.

I work with people who want to change their current feelings or situations – and are willing to try. If you refuse to try, I refuse to work with you. I like to cut the bullshit and get to work. If you want to spend hours talking about the past, or repeating excuses, go find a therapist.

I provide exemplary service in my work and always get results for my clients.

 I am a trained certified coach, and a member of the ICF. I have a bachelors degree in Psychology and a background in counseling and social work.

 Being a professional coach fulfills my passion of helping and teaching others.

Im a product of a unique young life. Broken home, very little money, little supervision. I grew up tough, and I experienced a lot early on in my life. I was a poor kid from a mostly wealthy, white collar town.

I have been fortunate to experience ALL walks of life and have been able to observe and learn a great deal about people and their ways. I am a very devoted student of human nature, and take away vast knowledge from all of my life’s experiences, both good and bad. These lessons have helped me to become a very distinct Life Coach.

About 4 years ago I found myself depressed, very overweight, and negative – with many bad habits.

 I made a decision to change my ways.

 Through the last few years I’ve lost over 110 pounds. Quit a 15 year pack a day smoking habit. Took on a positive healthy new way of life, both mentally and physically. I now live with sincere integrity.

 Coaching was a major part of this shift for me. Not only do I coach people, I receive regular coaching myself. Believe me when I tell you – it works..

 Its my job to make your life more fulfilling -to help you discover and develop – and succeed in your goals. I am very good at my job.

 Contact me to see about how I can help you change too.

 Other Fun Facts:

  • I’m not always happy. Thats impossible.
  • I strive to be above average at everything I put my mind to. Preferably great.
  • I want to try as many different things as I can in my life (within a few limits). Always looking for opportunity.
  • I love food. I’m a damn good cook, and an excellent eater.
  • I always carry a pen, and usually a pocket knife.
  • I have a German Shepherd named, Goonie.
  • I love a good time. Joking, laughing, dancing, socializing.
  • I also know when its time to cut the shit and be serious.
  • My core values are: knowledge, health, purpose and leisure.
  • Goals I live by: 1) Live as happy and healthy as I can – for as long as I can.  2) Die with no regrets.

I am a catalyst for empowerment, development, and fulfillment. I get results. -E.C.