Eric Cline

My Services:

Who I Help

I help people who wish to thrive. Success minded individuals, with a strong desire for change and accomplishment.

If you only wish for mediocre in life, that is perfectly fine, but I am not the Coach for you. I have a small tolerance for negativity and excuses. If you want to excel, and are ready to take action, I can help.

I have coached a large variety of wonderful people all over the globe, from teenagers to retired adults. I’ve worked with: executives of multi million dollar corporations, entrepreneurs, lawyers, high-end sales people, athletes, developers, determined students, and more.

Man or woman – any age or location, it doesn’t matter. What matters is your level of commitment and how bad you want to change something in your life? If you are truly willing to make some changes – to discover and try new things – then my services can benefit you greatly.

My clients choose me as a coach because they’re ready to move forward – past average. Out of their comfort zone, to grow to new levels of success and fulfillment. Free of regret.

Each person is different, in what they think, what they feel, and what they do. Knowing this I cannot follow a simple coaching template. Each of my clients gets a custom, perfectly tailored, unique coaching program.

My clients can contact me 24/7/365.

 What I can help

Personal Development

  • Move towards the life you truly desire.
  • Explore, develop and advance yourself.
  • Find ways to achieve your goals.
  • Gain confidence- overcome fears and obstacles.
  • Have more fun and get what you want out of your time.
  • Make new habits – and break old ones.

Professional Development

  • Increase productivity for yourself or your company.
  • Boost sales, profits, and income. Make the money you deserve.
  • Excel as a leader at work.
  • Start or improve your own business.
  • Find or create a career you truly love.
  • Successfully navigate business dynamics: performance issues/barriers, interview skills, team building, work/life balance.

Coaching can cover any and every aspect of life

  • Purpose & Happiness – discover your core self, your passions, needs and values, determine what truly moves you.
  • Health & Wellness – create the body and mind that you want, start feeling better inside and out.
  • Family or Social – develop stronger bonds and build lasting, healthy relationships, etc.
  • Romance – date successfully, improve relationships and intimacy, set boundaries and more.
  • Finances – become more effective with your wealth, set budgets, pay debts, spend without remorse.
  • Career & Business – increase performance, promotions/career changes, improve skills, start or build a business, marketing, selling, etc.
  • Life Balance – lower stress, find tranquility, discover your authentic self and live free of regret, shame or guilt.

How I help

My Approach

Knowing that every client is unique, I cannot claim to have a “one size fits all” coaching plan. Instead I work to cater my services to each client’s individual style and agenda.

First I commit to creating a mutually trustful, confidential relationship. Then we will work together to design the vision for what you want out of working together.

From there I will combine my skills and intellect to along with your agenda to develop our content for you and your style. Using various models, concepts, and exercises I will help move you towards your life goals at a pace at which you are comfortable, with as much support as you want.

The partnership consists of a series of one-on-one sessions – via phone or Skype -where we will explore your current life and your desires. Clients gain great awareness, and empowerment. Many profound shifts occur as you create and execute a plan for a new you.

I am not only at work during our sessions. I spend many hours each week, devoted to my clients. Between appointments, I schedule time for brainstorming, planning, researching and sharing ideas to benefit those I work with.

My goal as Coach is to help you get exactly what you want in any or all areas of life. My target is my clients’ optimal satisfaction and fulfillment, or their maximum potential. Whatever your goal or desire may be – I can help.

Arrangements and Fees

I offer my service in custom retainer agreements. My rates vary according to number of sessions agreed upon, the timeline for your agenda, as well how you choose to conduct the sessions*. I offer all my clients unlimited, unscheduled email/phone support between sessions, to further help you through the process.

My fees are significant. They’re commensurate with the tremendous value that I bring as a Coach. I am very good at what I do, I charge accordingly.

My clients always see results, and results cost more than money. Commitment and energy are necessary for the process to work. Contact me when you’re ready, and your life will change.

Call or email to arrange a time to discuss the process, investment, and the best coaching plan for you and your desires. This call or meeting can take up to one hour and is free.

**I do conduct face-to-face sessions for clients in the New York Metro and Long Island area. Premium rates apply.