Eric Cline


“After wasting lots of time and money on Therapy, a friend introduced me to Erik and the profession of Coaching. Working with him is so much more rewarding then any therapist ever was. He keeps me accountable and actively working towards my goals. The results have been astonishing. My only complaint is not finding him years ago.”

Maureen Christie – Long Island, New York

“Erik is a gifted motivator and a true leader. An exceptional listener who is never judgmental, he is a genuine asset to those who are given the opportunity to know or work with him.”

William R., Wealth Management Investor – Manhattan, New York

“Erik has a keen intellect to understanding human nature, and with a very discerning mind, he takes away abundant awareness from his unique life experiences. He’s a humble storehouse of eclectic, thought-provoking knowledge, gathered from many diverse viewpoints and it shines through his remarkable coaching ability. He blends strong empathy and humor, along with his great skill sets and creativity, to form a fun, no-nonsense coaching style.”

Ruth L. – East Hampton, New York

“Erik has helped me through a lot. He has all the qualities that make for a great coach: he’s thoughtful, logical, and patient. He also has an innate ability to use what he draws from his own life experience as a tool for helping others.”

Glenn Gordon, practicing attorney – Baltimore, Maryland

“Erik is a tremendous asset in personal development/ growth and offers uncanny insight. If you are seeking a gracious individual who is committed to empowerment, encouragement and awareness you won’t be disappointed. The time and money invested will soon be invaluable and significant rewards will be discovered.”

J. Shoemaker – Monterey, California

“As a single parent, recently divorced, my family life was in chaos. I was down, overwhelmingly stressed. I felt stuck and scared for my future…Amazingly, Erik assisted in changing all of that for me. And not only did he help me, but also indirectly helped my children, and for that there is no thanks big enough…Coaching is such a wonderful process and Erik is exceptional!!”

Christine – South Hampton, NY

“Working with Erik has made me a happier person and taught me that anything is truly possible. I continue to look at everything in life with a new perspective and with a positive attitude. Erik really showed me that he cares and wants to see his clients grow and change. He brought things to a whole new level for me. It was obvious that he was at work during our meetings, and even on his own time to find ways to improve our relationship, ultimately helping me to find ways to move forward and accomplish my goals…Thanks to Erik I’m living in ways I had never imagined!”

Mike Reimers Financial Planner – Massapequa, New York

“After years of friendship, Erik has become a mentor and an absolute role model. He has a true grasp on all facets of life and a naturally patriarchal presence. He has seen it all, experienced it all, and manages to leverage that into the realest, most matter-of-fact form of guidance. I constantly look to Erik for feedback, advice and support toward bettering myself. There’s really no one else like him.”

Lindsay Davis, Copywriter/Journalist – New York, NY

“Erik Cline is an amazing coach who masterfully combines compassion, lightheartedness, and precise skill to assist in getting you everything you picture out of life. He makes the journey of self-discovery a joyful experience by helping define personal balance in all aspects of life. Working alongside individuals, in all walks of life, Erik strives to ensure goals are set and is committed to supporting you any way possible so personal achievement is fulfilled.”

Justean S., Health and Wellness Coach – Navarre, Florida

“I honestly cant thank Erik enough for getting me back on track, during a very tough time in my life. I wanted to improve many aspects of my life and Erik helped me to look at everything in a different way. His questioning led me to better prioritizing, goal setting, and time management- while ensuring my plans were genuine. Plus his exercises in values led me to find what is truly important in my life. Erik also helped me discover different ways to relieve stress and anxiety. Together we found ways to convert that energy into the focus I need to complete any task. Since working with Erik, things have improved significantly, in both my business and private life.”

Daniel Schreiber, Insurance Sales – Miller Place, NY

“First he helped me with some personal problems and then we moved on to my business… Its really incredible, how much can change in a year. My family life is amazing, and my success at work is unbelievable. I will keep Erik as part of my life going forward.”

Joseph Williams, President at Bridge View Equities – Long Island, New York