Eric Cline

Why I Coach:

I coach to make a difference.

To have a profound impact on people and to help them reach for greatness in life. To help people to excel, to push for their desires; or their maximum potential.

I coach as a way to thrive in what I believe in.

I believe that every single person has the right to a passion or purpose. I feel that every single person should have the right to pursue their passion or purpose as determined and relentless as they please. If and only if no others are harmed beyond simple envy or resentment.

I believe our world could be such that every single person has the right and the same equal chance to find and pursue their own ideal self, even be compensated accordingly when one chooses to prosper through their dreams.

I feel that if every single person were allowed these rights and made aware of their potential, that the world could thrive as a whole.

As long as within reason; with proper knowledge; good values and solid moral character; every single person has the right to know of their ability to pursue passion and fulfillment.

Every single person should have the right to optimize their self; to maximize their potential; and to strive for their ideal life.

I believe that every single person is in a constant state of change throughout his or her life. And it comes down to how aware we are, and how responsible we are, and the choices we make in our lifetime. It’s these things that dictate how free we are to become what we are capable of being.

I think that every single person has a primal need to live for what they want; and this intrinsic need of ours is corrupted and tarnished by our societies, our governments, our educations, our media, sometimes even our families and our peers.

Not knowing about -and not being able to satisfy- this need is whats wrong with our world.

I believe that our habits are our values in action. So without good values and self observance, there cannot be good habits.

I work to raise awareness. For people to better understand how their values and habits dictate their trajectory in life.

Anyone can change the way they feel- the way they look- the way they act, or think. I’ve made it my job to help them figure out how.

That is why I coach…